Outdoor Kitchens

Custom Outdoor Kitchens in Austin

Designing and building turn-key outdoor kitchens in Austin IS our specialty here at Ember.  An outdoor living space is an area that can be enjoyed by every member of the family, gathering around the grill for burgers by the pool, or relaxing with a glass of merlot and grilling up a filet.  When constructing an outdoor kitchen we build our structures to last using only rock, mortar,CMU, and steel. If a stucco kitchen is the look you’re after, we can build the structure itself out of steel and then attach hardy backer for the stucco to adhere to. We try to steer our customers away from cheaper methods that while look ok for a year or two, usually end up having to be re-built.

If you are thinking about having an outdoor kitchen built but don’t know what all appliances you want, we can help there too. We can go over your needs as to what you will be using the kitchen for and provide the right equipment based on your input. We are equipped to provide you with a true “turn-key” experience. If you are the type that likes to see & touch your options, we often recommend our customers visit the showroom at BBQ Outfitters. We can have your equipment shipped to our shop and deliver it to your home when we begin construction. We like to have every appliance being installed in your outdoor kitchen on hand when we begin. This allows us to build the structure to ensure a perfect fit for every element as we go. For a typical outdoor kitchen, we usually recommend at least a high quality grill and a matching set of doors below the grill that allows access to a gas shut-off valve or propane tanks. Just these few elements alone can make for a very tasteful installation. More often than not, customers choose to add other features to their island such as a sink (Need water lines ran to the kitchen? No problem!), an outdoor rated refrigerator or ice-maker, additional storage such as door/drawer combo units, side burner units, pizza ovens, and more. We also have customers that want a komodo grill such as The Big Green Egg or a Primo, built into the kitchen like this. We think this really adds to the visual aesthetics of the structure and makes for a very “professional” look.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what goes into building your backyard kitchen masterpiece, there are some basic things to take into account when considering an outdoor kitchen for your home.

-How big of a kitchen do you want to serve all your needs?  Do you want a linear style island or something different such as a “U” or “L” shape?

-Think about countertops.  Do you want a luxurious granite? Or something more simplistic & affordable such as sawn limestone, or Leuter?  Here is an example .  How much prep room would you like?  Would you like a backsplash?

-Do you have a space on your patio to put the kitchen?  If not, we can pour a concrete slab anywhere in your backyard for it.

-What is your budget?  One can spend as little as $3,000 or up to $20,000+.  We’ve created unique and tasteful installations on both ends of this spectrum.  We are happy to work with your budget and you will never catch us trying to push spending more than what you can afford.  That’s not how we operate!

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